Own Today By Feeling Confident

“Thank You” vs. “I’m Sorry”


I’m someone who apologizes a lot. Like a lot.

I accidentally touch your foot?
I’m sorry.

I bumped into a wall?
I’m sorry, wall.

I ask you how you’re doing?
I’m sorry.

Most of the time when I apologize, it doesn’t really make sense. I notice that I apologize more when I’m having a bad day. The worse I feel about myself that day, the more I apologize, the more I want to go away and hide somewhere and stop bothering everybody. The reality is…I’m probably not bothering every body, maybe someone here and there, but that’s life! People bother people…that does not mean I have to beat myself up constantly or apologize every two seconds, especially for things that are not wrong nor my fault. (Of course, apologize if you really hurt someone or do something morally/ethically wrong. Though, sometimes it’s hard for us to see the difference.)

You may have heard this before, but something we extremely apologetic people may need to start doing is saying, “Thank you,” instead of “I’m sorry.”

Here’s a cute comic that we can look at together…


Source: The Job Network

We need to own today by bringing ourselves UP, rather than bringing ourselves down. The words we use in every interaction can either ruin our self-esteem or strengthen it. Let’s try to thank ourselves for all of our abilities, for the friendships we have, for our sweetness and thoughtfulness. Yes, we may have our extreme apologetic moments, but it’s not like we cannot rise above those negative thoughts. It’s not like we shouldn’t exist. It’s not like we are constantly bothering people. It’s not like we don’t appreciate what others do for us. It’s not like we aren’t incredible people who have so much to offer.

Own today by saying thank you.

Thank you for reading.


  • Kayla

    I saw this on comic on tumblr once and I think about it a lot, so I’m glad to see you share it here. It’s a nice reminder. Thank you for being so positive and uplifting when people need it most!

  • Angelica

    I love this so so so much. I’ve recently been trying to do this//trying to feel less ashamed of just….existing, ya know? I feel like the I’m sorry’s come out and I judge myself for saying then rather than saying something more empowering, but this was such an inspiring reminder to be gentle with myself, and that it’s *okay* to be a work in progress on this matter. Thank you for sharing Elena 💓

    • Elena

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Angelica 😭 I 100% agree–it is okay to be a work in progress…in fact, it’s a great thing! Being gentle with yourself and learning how to give yourself love shows that you are taking the time to grow and improve who you are overall! Thanks again 🙂

  • Jessica Giglio

    It wasn’t until recently (when my therapist pointed it out) that I realized how much my own negative words effect my mood and how I feel about myself. I didn’t even think about this sort thing with the comparison of thank you vs sorry language. I do this too, where I say sorry a lot and I noticed that for me it’s because I can’t stand when people are upset at me and this idea that I have that the world is always mad at me or hates me just makes me throw “sorrys” around like confetti.

    • Elena

      I often feel the same thing — like people don’t like me, like there’s something wrong with me or what I’m doing, etc. Our language comes from how we feel, and how we feel comes from our language! It’s a cycle.

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