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Shake Off Those Back-To-School Jitters!

Howdy, friends! Long time no talk, right? But what better time to write than BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON! This also means fall is coming, the leaves will soon be floating onto the ground, and pumpkin spice will pop up in your face, whether you like it or not! If you’re asking me, I want summer to stay and give me ALL the pumpkin spice. I cannot decide between the two!

Even though I’m done with school (finally) for now, I can still feel the nerves and jitters I would get before school started. It took a few weeks for me to get adjusted to the new year. I would sweat over the numerous long papers I knew I was going to have to write and the tests I would have to take. Then, I would begin to worry about finding friends or choosing the right career path.

Will I even find a job? Do I have enough experience? Am I going to learn a lot this year? Will I be able to handle it?

The constant questions and worrisome thoughts clouded my mind, and I needed a guide to help me de-stress and focus on my goals. So, I have created a short, brief guide here for you that encourages you to…


  • I want to encourage you to journal. I recently bought this 6-Minute Journal from Amazon, and even though I haven’t officially started using it yet, it has so much valuable information on the positive psychology of journaling. If you feel like you are struggling with a negative mindset, developing healthy habits, and/or reaching your goals, I highly suggest this journal. It helps you focus on gratitude and seeing the strengths you have hidden within you. This is not sponsored LOL
  • The next thing I recommend to you is figuring out how you’re going to be the most productive, that way you are not panicking about deadlines. I am not a believer of things coming out better “under pressure” – aka procratination LOL
    That being said, figure out if you want a handwritten planner I recommend the Happy Planner) or electronic planner. I used to hand-write everything, but now I use Google Calendar to calendar block and Google Keep for general to-do lists. If you’re not sure what calendar blocking is, or if you should give it a shot, I highly recommend checking out Amy Landino’s video on calendar blocking. Honestly, I think it is life-changing!
    Again, nothing here is sponsored LOL (yes, I am saying LOL a lot, but I want you to feel my enthusiasm.
  • Focus on building a few friendships – even if you are more of an introvert. I wish I had made more friends during my time in school. It is something I regret, and I personally feel that it affected my mental health negatively. If you’re taking online classes or in-person classes, I highly recommend creating a group chat or Facebook group to connect with others – even if it’s to simply start out as homework/study buddies!
  • Finally, I want to encourage you to speak to a mental health professional immediately, if you find yourself struggling emotionally or like your stress is getting the best of you. Many schools have mental health counselors, psychologists, social workers, or other mental health professionals available to reach out to within schools for free. Here are some ways to find other therapists near you:
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If you have any recommendations, share them in the comments! I want to hear all your thoughts!

Have a blessed Back-to-School season!

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