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My Post-Grad & Summer Goals

Every time I blog, I say the same thing — it’s been a while since I last blogged!! How is everyone doing? Thank you to those who have still been visiting the site, regardless of the few updates. The resources page has been updated with a few sites that reached out to me regarding addiction. I’m so grateful that my site came across in some way, and I can share mental health resources with all of you.

At the beginning of the year, I made a few SMART goals. I certainly have not kept up with them. LOL I have not been blogging weekly, I have not lost weight (which is ok!), I have stopped using Duolingo regularly, I have read one book, BUT I will have my Master of Social Work degree in a matter of weeks, which is pretty rad.

While I think it is ABSOLUTELY awesome and beneficial to create SMART goals, I found that I put too much pressure on myself, and I did not have accountability. I have found that I am someone who needs accountability. I need someone to check on me any make sure that I’m working on my goals, if I want them to be specific. When you do set real SMART goals, find a way to keep yourself accountable. That was my mistake.

Right now though, my burned-out mind is telling me to cool it, to not put soooo much pressure on myself. That being said, I still want to set many goals this summer, but this time, I’m not making myself crazy with grading myself.

Here we go…

  • Blog, but only when I feel inspired
  • Read others’ blogs and leave comments on them, engage more with fellow mental health advocates
  • Clean out my drawers and closets – selling and/or donating my old clothes
  • Put together a new wardrobe with clothes I feel comfortable and confident in (I really, really, REALLY hate picking out my clothes and shoes out; I do not have style arghhhh)
  • Read more for PLEASURE!!
  • Pray more, read more spiritual books, PRAY MORE! (Did I say that already?)
  • Go back to Duolingo and learn some more Spanish!
  • Complete some coursework in Udemy to increase my skill set! Today, I bought courses on cognitive behavior therapy and art therapy!
  • Forget about weight gain and weight loss (or try to forget) and work on making healthier choices for my body concerning nutrition and exercise
  • Earn money from my part-time job and make more sales from selling self-care and beauty products (more information will be below!)
  • Officially get my Master of Social Work degree, become a LMSW, and FIND A FULL TIME SOCIAL WORK JOB!! Maybe finally get a car??
  • Maybe try and learn more songs on the ukulele?
    Maybe develop a YouTube channel?
    Maybe start drawing, painting, and hardcore journaling?
    The list goes on, probably. Hahhahahahaa oh dear, I need to relax.

I think it’s great to set goals for yourself. Perhaps do not overload yourself like I often do. You do you though. πŸ˜‰

Now that school is finally coming to a close for me, I feel like I will be free-ish to develop and explore different hobbies and passions. I will not be spending time writing essays, studying for exams, and freaking out over pleasing my professors. I can learn in the way I would like to learn. I can own my day in any way I want to. These non-specific goals may not make me “successful,” but that’s what makes me happy. I can strive for anything, or I can “fail” and learn from my mistakes.

I apologize if this post is not super coherent and all over the place. This is my post-school mind that is quite fried!! I’m excited for what the future will bring. I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week. Tell me how you’re going to own your summer!


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You can also interact with me on social media and share these blog posts! Any support you give means the world to me. Thank you to those who keep reading and advocating for mental health resources!

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