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Here Comes The Blog & There Goes My Ankle!

Hello, friends!

I am SO PUMPED right now, because I am writing the first blog post onΒ We Can Own Today! I am OWNING today by writing to you!
Before I get into the juice of this post, I want to thank you. Thank you for reading this post, following me on social media, and/or supporting me building this site. I appreciate any support I can get. I am someone who really struggles with motivation (not even gonna lie), but creating this blog was something I wanted to do for awhile. So, guess what? I WENT FOR IT. We’ll see how this goes! The fact that you are reading this post is a SUCCESS in itself. Woohoo!

Now, for the juice…

Last Wednesday, as I was walking with my boyfriend, and we were talking about this blog (heehee, I was excited), various other things, and how I trip all the time! A few moments later…BAM! I tripped and fell and hurt my ankle! It hurt like a [insert curse word here]! I got it checked out and everything is OK. However, because it hurt so badly, I was unable to walk well nor could I do the workout I had scheduled for the day.

When I fell and felt the pain, I became extremely angry. I get in a rage anytime I become slightly sick or hurt my body. I often realize that I become ridiculously over-dramatic, because I know that it is a true gift that I have a working body. Despite my realizations, I still become angry. I hate not being able to just be happy and function as I would normally. I was furious that I could not do my workout, since I have been working on losing weight and becoming healthier. I could not understand why this happened to me, especially when I’ve been working consistently to take care of my body.

It was my first time using crutches and having a brace on my foot. As I was hobbling along on my crutches, my anger finally began to subside. I could not help but think about how grateful I am for my body. There are people in way worse conditions than I was. There are people who actually need crutches to heal, not for comfort. There are people who are bound to their wheelchairs or hospital beds. There are people who have lost their cognition and basic functioning.

Truthfully, I am someone who has some body image issues. I often get angry at my body for how it looks and how it functions, and I enter these torturous cycles of thoughts about how I am not “thin enough” or “good enough.” There are days where I look in the mirror and feel horrifying ugly, and I become extremely insecure, not even wanting to look people in the eye when I am talking to them. These thoughts revolve around wanting love. I just want my body to love me – but let’s be real here – I have a lot of trouble loving my body. I have been thinking about how I need to thank my body. I need to love it for what it is and what it can be. I need to love my body for what it can do and not focus on what it can’t do or what it looks like. It’s easier said than done, right?

Chessie King, among other celebrities and influencers, aim to help with boosting self-esteem and body confidence; social media can be a powerful thing, and sometimes using social media as a positive tool can help make loving ourselves a little easier. Chessie King posted a picture of herself on Instagram and started a social media movement revolving around body positivity, #dearbodythankyou. When I saw so many people posting pictures of themselves and their beautifully imperfect bodies, I was humbled and reminded to be thankful. I have a body that I can train to become a little stronger each and every day. I have a body that can do cartwheels, perform headstands (against a wall, ’cause I’m still working on it, guys), and walk for miles. I have a brain that works (sometimes) and organs that function! I have so many blessings, but sometimes, it is hard for me to remember that.

Even though we feel like our bodies may fail us, we all have something to be thankful for, even if it’s really, really hard to see it sometimes. A lot of other people may disagree with me, and you know what? I do not know what they are going through. I am not in their shoes. I am not feeling their pain. That being said, trying to open our eyes to see something good, something positive, might go a long way to envisioning and building a healthy, happy life.

Let’s try and see the goodness in our bodies today. Let’s try and be our best selves. Let’s try not to hurt our ankles.
Why are we going to try so hard? Because WE CAN OWN TODAY.

Have a good one, thank you again for reading, and talk to you soon!!

Your new friend,

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