Own Today By Feeling Confident

Forgive Yourself

Do you ever feel like one bad thought spirals into another and then another? Each thought takes a shot at me, making me feel worse than the thought than came before. I want to stop myself from thinking these thoughts, but then I say no, I deserve this. I deserve every insult I can come up with. I deserve to yell at myself and to remind myself that I am not worthy of much.

But do I? Do I deserve the mental beating I give myself? Am I that horrible of a person? Do I really, truly deserve the guilt I force myself upon myself?

The reality is…
I don’t deserve this battle. Neither do you.

This is an objective truth: no one deserves to put themselves through mental turmoil. If we do something wrong, it’s normal to feel guilt, but we need to move on from the guilt, and we need to own each and every day the best we possibly can. If we make mistakes, we can get up again. We can ask for forgiveness, sacrifice our time for others, and embrace every strength we have. We need to own today and look deep inside ourselves to find the great things about us that make us worthy of (self) love. We are worthy of love – we just have to find it and give it. Not only do we need to give it to others, but we must also give love to ourselves.

Forgive yourself. You probably wouldn’t beat someone up the way you do to yourself. (Maybe you would, but I don’t suggest it.) So, let’s…not beat ourselves up. Let’s pick ourselves up. Let’s own today.

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