Own Today By Feeling Confident

Can there be more hours in a day? Please?

I am currently lying down in my bed as I am writing this post. I haven’t posted on this blog in over a week! While I enjoy the fact that not posting regularly is not really an issue, it makes me slightly disappointed that I’m not blogging regularly. Where’s my motivation? Where’s my energy? Most importantly, where are the hours in a day?

I just get SO tired all the time! And lazy! I just want to do so many things in a day…like go to work/school/internship, workout, eat, go for a walk before it gets dark, read religious texts, learn 7 languages, ride a tiger, save the world, etc.

But I can’t do it. I can’t do it all. We just have to do our best, right? We have to celebrate every little success we have. If we keep dwelling on what we don’t have or what we didn’t do, we are just going to end up in a worse spot. Let’s climb. Let’s own today.

By developing the skill of positive thinking, we can change how we see ourselves and the rest of society. What do you think would happen if you started listing your strengths or all the good things you see in yourself? What do you think would happen if you started listing out one accomplish each day, big or small?

My challenge to you is to comment with all the things you accomplished today! Your list doesn’t have to be long (it could be one thing!).

Here’s mine:

  • Made my breakfast smoothie & prepared my salad for lunch!
  • Went to my internship training
  • Worked out
  • Ate throughout the day in a more controlled, balanced manner than usual (I tend to struggle with over-eating)
  • Talked with my boyfriend on the phone for hours!

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