On January 29, 2019, I became an independent distributor for SeneGence International, a cruelty-free makeup company! Why did I do that, you ask?

I want to remind you that we can own today. That means owning our creativity, owning how we look, and owning how we feel!

As a mental health professional, I aim to encourage and empower others. I have been developing a passion for makeup for a few years now. I thought, why not combine both of these passions together? Why not use makeup as a means to help people gain some confidence, promote self-care, and talk about mental illness?

Appearance is NOT everything, so I pray that I’m not sending that message. I just know that makeup has helped me improve my confidence and express the little creativity I have inside me!

If you are interested in SeneGence, makeup, and (obviously) mental health, visit the links below, where I will be posting videos and sharing content about the various products you can order through me from SeneGence. If you are interested in ordering products, or even JOINING MY TEAM OF DISTRIBUTORS, send me a message through email or any of the links below!

Facebook Group: Mindfulness & Beauty with Elena