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I am Elena, the founder and author ofΒ We Can Own Today. Welcome!

I am a social worker with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work. During my undergraduate studies and internship experience working with adolescents, I deepened my interest in learning about mental health and wellness. I created this blog to document my learning experiences, to release my thoughts that just need to get out of my system, and most importantly, to provide guidance and empowerment to others who may be struggling with their self-esteem and overall health.

I have worked with adolescents since 2015. A lot of my experience comes from acting as a catechist and youth ministry leader at my church, but many of my greatest learning experiences came from my first social work internship experience at a middle school and high school. I look forward to discussing these lessons with you through my blog posts!

I hope you enjoy your stay at this site! Please feel free to say hi and drop a comment or interact with me on any one of my social media platforms! Click here for my contact information.

Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

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