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3 Steps You Can Take To Make Life Easier

Life isn’t easy, and I think most of us know that. We each have our struggles, our hurdles, things that make it really hard to wake up in the morning and be excited for our day. In the winter season, this becomes even harder with a lack of Vitamin D in most people’s bodies.

So, how can we make life a little easier? Just a little bit? Small steps lead to big victories, after all! Here are some teeny tiny steps to owning your day!

  1. Create a journaling practice that lasts from 5-20 minutes. I currently use the 6 Minute Diary, which helps me formulate healthy habits, count my blessings, and find positive qualities within myself. I have noticed a change in my mindset. I have been happier and more thankful for all the loved ones in my life. However, a journaling practice can be whatever you want it to be – maybe it’s venting for a few pages, bullet journaling, or a brain dumping and creating an idea storm! Whatever your thoughts are, get them on paper and let it out. Did you know journaling has numerous health benefits? Journaling can assist you in clarifying your feelings, discovering new things about yourself, reduce stress, and boost your problem solving abilities.
  2. Use a calendar or planner! Want a journaling practice and planner all in one? You can use this one I wish I found before I started my journaling practice! Currently, I use my Google Calendar for monthly events and appointments, but I use this small little planner for my daily to do list and schedule. You can get a similar three-pack by clicking here. I find that using these tools are especially helpful when establishing routines, and ROUTINES ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS! I am a strong believer that you must plan for success; it rarely occurs randomly.
  3. Do those steps above overwhelm you a bit? It can be overwhelming when your mind feels like it’s scrambling. I hope you have someone to support you; if not, there is help out there for you in so many communities. Check out my resources page for more guidance.
    If everything else feels too hard, just pick one small thing to do every day. This small thing could be picking out your clothes every night before you go to bed, saying a prayer before you sleep, reading a page of a book every day, practicing focused breathing for five minutes each day, etc. Whatever you choose, this small thing will become a routine, and like I said earlier, routines lead to success.

I hope that these three steps help you a little bit and make it easier for you to wake up and get ready for the day. I notice that when I keep up with my routines and and gather myself for the next morning by preparing my lunch, picking out my clothes, and organizing my bag, I feel so much more ready to take on the day and conquer what’s a head of me. Having plans and ideas written down and made into simple action steps, instead of just floating in my head, has helped me feel much less anxious.

Thank you for reading and get pumped to own today!

*I am not making profits from these links to products. I am simply sharing my recommendations and products that I find genuinely helpful!

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